When you register for a class, you are paying for that space, in a small class, whether you attend or not. Some days your child will miss their class, and your class will be smaller. On other days, other students will be absent, and the class will be smaller for your child.

Each student will be permitted to Make-Up one class per month or “Drop-In” for one extra class per month. With a doctor’s note, there is no fee for a Make-Up. Without a note, there is a $10 charge. Be sure to wait until your child is healthy to book the Make-up. You can book your Make-Up/Drop-In lesson up to one week in advance. The $10 fee will be billed to your account when we approve the request. If you email a doctor’s note to, we will credit back the fee to your account, or you may bring a note to the class, and we will credit your account $10.


  • Make-Ups are not cumulative month to month.
  • We do not schedule Make-Ups after enrollment has stopped and do not Make-Up, Make-Ups.
  • Parents must make the request by following the steps below.

Procedure for a Token in PARENT PORTAL to Make-Up or Drop-In for a Class

  1. Go to your Parent Log In
  2. Click “Make-up Token” (Left)
  3. Click on the drop down bar to reveal if there is a token to use
  4. If there is a token, press “Request”
  5. This brings you to a class schedule.
  6. Choose the day for the make-up and the level.
  7. Click “Request” next to the class to attend a makeup
  8. To submit the make-up request, click confirm.
  9. The make-up enrollment will then be approved by staff and you should receive an auto confirmation.


For more information, please email us at or call (732) 560-8000.