Our Developmental System

The Little Dolphins Swim Academy is a child-centered program that teaches children how to swim and how to love it! We understand that each child learns to swim at a different rate of speed. Our curriculum and methodology a designed by some of the best professional swim coaches in the world. Our goal is to help your child become water-safe as quickly as possible, while they learn to love swimming at the same time.

Our Academy Progression

  • Kindergarten & Below: Baby & Me or Toddler & Me or Goldfish to Get Wet/Get Gliding/Beginner I, to Advanced Beginner I
  • 1st grade & older: Beginner II, to Advanced Beginner II, to Intermediate, to Super-Dolphin Squad

The Little Dolphins Methodology and System

At the LDSA, we view one’s swimming ability as a life skill that can be developed in a similar method as a student who takes piano lessons. Step by step, week by week, year by year, we teach youngsters, teens, and adults to become very proficient in swimming and develop outstanding swimming skills. As a student-centered program, we differ from the task-centered program in that we understand that each student learns to swim at a different rate of speed. By making the experience interesting and enjoyable, we are able to attract even the youngest children toward exploring their swimming experience. Once we move past the initial stages of getting comfortable in the water, we are able to help students quickly learn strong swimming skills to help them become safe in the water.

Our students’ swim classes are structured so that youngsters move through the early stages of swimming:

  • Water comfort
  • Air control
  • Bobbing with proper air control and blowing bubbles
  • Balancing or floating
  • Balancing with gliding
  • Kicking propulsion
  • Finally swimming, in the most efficient method possible.

Small Class System

Our beginning group instructional classes are restricted to no more than four students per class. This size allows the students to model different skills from class members and enjoy a social experience within the instruction. Our Advanced classes are restricted to no more than five students, our Intermediate and Super-Dolphin classes to seven students. 

Pattern and Pace

A key to our success is how our instructors establish a pattern of movement for each class and a pace at which students move. We learn how to swim, in large part, by doing…and by moving!!

Swim Instructors

To become a swim instructor at the Little Dolphins Swim Academy is rare. We continually advertise for people with “the right stuff.” Of those that apply, we interview about 10%. Each instructor must have a background check. If they enter our instructor training program that must succeed in a written test and 20 hours or more of training, that includes observation and shadowing a senior instructor.

Achievement Awards


Each level of our program includes a reward system as the student progresses through the class levels. When a child has completed all ten class skills they will receive a ribbon, pin, and move to the next level.

Tracking Progress

We are constantly evaluating each student’s progress. Advancement to the next class level is always an option when our staff feels the student is ready. Tracking online is updated at least every two months (in the odd months of the year). Feel free to contact one of our supervisors or email if you’d like an update on your child’s progress.

For more information, please email us at info@swimldsa.com or call (732) 560-8000.