Emergency Closing Policy

We make every effort to maintain normal business hours during inclement weather or any type of emergency. However, in the event of an emergency such as severe weather please check your email or text messages for the latest announcements. In the event of snow please note the parking signs around LDSA in which some streets are fine for parking while othere note that parking is not allowed for plowing.

In the rare occasion that we are unable to remain open, we will contact you through email or texting which you can authorize in your family account. Please be sure all appropriate contact is activated through your family account (ie, you can add email addresses, text message, etc).

Generally, we will contact you no later than 8:00 am for morning classes (and often the night before) or by 12:00 noon for afternoon or evening classes.

In the event that we are unable to remain open we will issue a complimentary Makeup credit that you can use at your convenience through the normal makeup submission form.

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Once again, the Elf (named “Chlorine”) has arrived at LDSA in time to help Santa prepare for Christmas! The Elf is a scout sent from the North Pole that encourages us to behave ourselves in the hope that Santa will stop at our home at Christmas. “Chlorine” is Santa’s helper that keeps watch by day, and each night returns to the North Pole to report on who was naughty or nice.

Scout elves may lose their magic if they’re touched, you’re welcome to try to spy the Elf, but no touching.
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We love working with children every day. They teach us so much about the value of joy and wonder, even as we grow older. ... See MoreSee Less

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For more information, please email us at info@swimldsa.com or call (732) 560-8000.