Registration and Fees

The Little Dolphins Swim Academy is conducted year round, usually with a 2 week break at the end of August-beginning of September & 1 week during the New Year’s holiday. We utilize a "perpetual enrollment system" in which students enroll, and automatically continue each month until we recieve a cancellation form (due by the 25th of the month prior to stopping). An exception is the Summer Blitz program that is only one week commitment at a time.

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Monthly Tuition

  • 30 Minute Classes: $79 per month for one class each week for Baby & Me, Toddler & Me. 
  • 30 Minute Classes: $83 per month for one class each week for Begining & Advanced Beginners (including GG/GW)
  • 45 Minute Classes: $98 per month for one class each week for Adult, Intermediate, Super-Dolphin 
  • 10% discount on the second class if you register the same child in two classes per week
  • Last Month Tuition is charged at Registration.  In order to use your tuition deposit for your last month of classes you must submit an on-line Cancelation Form on the FORMS PAGE on or before the 25th of the month prior to the start of  your last month. (for example to cancel for June 30, submit by May 25) Then you will not be billed on the 1st of your final month and we will have time to notify someone waiting for that the class time is available
  • Monthly Tuition is automatically billed to your credit card on the first of each month.
  • Summer Blitz Classes (four classes per week during the summer), $83 per week or $98 per week for 45 minute classes.
  • Summer Blitz Registration will open April 1. Weekly sessions will begin June 24 and continue through August 17.
  • Private instruction is availalbe during "off peak hours" of 4 x 20 minute classes per month is available at $199 per month or 4 x 30 minute at $265 
  • General Class Times: Monday & Tuesday 3-7:45, Wednesday & Thursday 9:45-7:45, Friday 3:30-7:15, Saturday 8:00-3:15, Sunday 9:30-5 


1. New & Returning Students

2. Click the Blue "Class Schedules" Button

3. Select A Location as "Program":

  • Bound Brook 
  • Somerset (Mondays Only) at the Clarion Hotel - not our new state of the art facility
  • Summer Blitz (June 27-August 6) - All in Bound Brook

3. Pick Out A Class Day & Time

  • In the LEVEL box highlight the Class Level you are looking for and click SUBMIT. (No need to add age.) Click here to view our class options.
  • Pick out a class day and time that works best in your family's schedule. For mutiple children note your options, then search for the other Class Levels.
  • Note: We will make occasional/seasonal time changes provided you submit a request for open space that you would like to move to. 
  •  If you don't see a class time that works for you  send us an email. We may be able to create something for you. We are expanding our class offerings all the time.

4. Create an Account

  • Input your family's information. Please include your child's grade. You must also input credit card information (we don't accept American Express).

5. Enroll Your Child In the Class (s) You Picked Out


  • When can I register? At any time there is space in classes. Summer Blitz Classes can be registered beginning April 1.
  • When am I charged my Tuition? As soon as you register. And then for all "monthly students" you are charged automatically on the first of the month. For Summer Blitz students you are billed tuition for each week when you register. 
  • What if I register in the middle of the month?  We will prorate the month you register for and then bill your credit card on the first of each month. For example, you register in February 15 you will immediately be billed for one half of the month of February and your last month. As soon as you register, your class space is reserved for you to begin immediately.
  • Why do you bill a Last Month Deposit (for all but Summer Blitz)? It provides each family flexible end dates, but provides the Academy time to plan class adjustments. If we did not have a deposit, on the first of each month we would never know who was going to attend the next month. 
  • What if I just want to enroll in one month of lessons? Each family is expected to commit to two months of swim lessons (6-8 classes) when registering. The process of learning swimming proficiency necessitates at least 8 classes to begin to adapt to the achieve significant strides. We think it unfair to a child to attend a few classes, get to know the teachers, the environment and then stop after 2-3 more classes.
  • Why not have sessions? One of many reasons is that by conducting our program without new registration dates, you will never have to be concerned about losing your time slot and having to reschedule your family's weekly plan. 
  • How long does it take to complete a LEVEL in each step of LDSA? After the Baby/Toddler & Me Classes, each LEVEL requires 10 skills to be mastered. The average student will need 4-6 classes per skill. But each individual progresses at their own rate, and starts at their individual stage. Fear can require many classes to overcome before progress in mastering the 10 steps takes place. (The parent's patience in allowing their child to work through this is paramount to success.

For more information, please email: or call 732-560-8000.