Other Swim Programs & Activities

We offer the following additional programs to our swim families!

Adult Swim Classes

Adult Classes are also offered for swimmers of all levels—from fearful non-swimmers, to those who wish to learn the four competitive strokes. Our highly trained teachers work closely with each student to reach their individual goals in a warm, caring environment.


Spring Session April 22 - June 19. Mini- Classes for 25 minute periods on Monday and Saturdays for parents interested in immersing in Yoga while their child learns to swim.  

Drop In Lessons

Our Drop In program allows enrolled students you to drop in any time at any one of our 2 locations to participate in a swim class. After reviewing our class schedule online, you can call us at 732-560-8000 to sign up for a Drop In Class. Offered to currently enrolled students for only $10 per class.

Aquatic Therapy and Special Needs

Our Aquatic Therapy program is in development .