LDSA Is A “C.E.F.E.” Experience


  • We understand young families busy schedules. Many of our senior staff members are parents, and take your time into consideration.
  • We will help you find classes that fit your schedule, and change class times, if needed, with no fee.


  • Learning to swim proficiently will enable you to enjoy swimming, the beach, boating, and all types of water activities with greater safety and comfort.
  • Accomplishing goals through our reward system will help all LDSA students learn how to apply their personal attributes toward incremental achievement.


  • We have classes for every member of the family…youth, adult and senior.
  • We keep the family unit in mind in everything we do.


  • We specialize only in teaching swimming.
  • We painstakingly search for instructors who possess a love of children and have an aptitude for teaching. Then we train them in our LDSA system.
  • We strive to provide the very best instruction possible.

The Little Dolphins Difference

LDSA Curriculum

  • Our 10 skill goals per level, and time structured system of teaching, is consistent throughout our classes. 

Staff Training

  • We invest in our staff to provide excellent instruction. Training covers both written and in-water testing and development.

Positive Reinforcement System

  • The most important rewards are the internal satisfaction of achievement. But we seek to light that fire with enthusiastic instruction that reinforces correct movement, skill-circuit development and progress. Our ribbon and pin reward system adds periodic additional rewards.

Our Facility

  • Our primary facility in Bound Brook, is built strictly for instruction including every amenity we could produce to create the best possible learning environment including in-water benches and an air controlled observation area. When we rent additional space, we look for the same qualities. 

UV System

  •  Our primary facility in Bound Brook, includes a Ultra Violet water purification system to keep the water clean and pure. Ultraviolet light creates a 254 nm wavelength of light that can penetrate the cell membranes of dangerous microorganisms, water-borne bacteria, and parasites like cryptosporidium, which can cause gastrointestinal illness and whose eggs can’t be killed by chlorine alone. When water is pumped through our UV system, ultraviolet light rays enter even the hardiest microbes and parasite eggs and change their molecular structure, preventing them from multiplying or hatching, and causing them to die. At the same time, automatic monitoring is continually ongoing, and chemicals are automatically added as needed to adjust PH and chlorine levels.
  • Thanks to our advanced UV water purification, our pools require much less chlorine, reducing the amount of chemical residue and toxic by-products in the water. These by-products can cause respiratory problems and eye and skin irritation, as well as that “chlorine smell” most people encounter at indoor swimming pools. UV water purification destroys these pollutants, making our pool water and environment safer and more pleasant for swimmers.