Our History

In 2010, Coach Chuck Warner left his thirteen year stint as head coach swim coach at Rutgers University, and with the assistnace of Coach Lisa Rivera, formed what is today The Little Dolphins Swim Academy. Initally, the program drew 24 students to a local hotel for instruction one of two nights a week.  To develop the curriculum, Coach Warner utilzed his own 37 years of full-time instruction in swimming with that of the Berkeley Aquatic Club (BAC), owned by Coach Jim Wood, and the Berkeley Swim School directed by Coach Towney Brewster. Coach Warner has also traveled the world seeking the best concepts to build on and add to the LDSA teaching system. 

In September of 2015, LDSA came home to it's own pool in Bound Brook, New Jersey An old house inspector building was purchased and completely renovated. Warner designed every inch of the facility to maximize space and the pool for the comfort and success of it's students and their families. By creating a space only for teaching, LDSA makes no comprimises for warm water, an underwater teaching bench, a climate controlled observation area, etc. And by having it's own home LDSA is available seven days a week for instruction. 

The leadership of LDSA is characterized by respect for famiy life, a passon for excellence and a commitment to integrity in business. Coach Warner, is a past president of the American Swimming Coaches Association (11000+ members) and was Treasurer and Executive Board Member for the International Swimming Hall of Fame, indicating the respect he has earned amonst his peers. Three-times, he has been a USA National Team Coach, he has coached seven "National Y" Championship Teams, three NCAA Division II runner-up teams and has been the personal coach of fifteen USA National Team Members including two Olympic Gold Medal winners. He has authored three books on swimming: Four Champions, One Gold Medal (1998), ...And Then They Won Gold: Stepping Stones for Swimming Excellence (2012), and EDDIE REESE: Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life (2019). 

Under Coach Warner's direction small people have a wonderful opporunity to not only become safe and proficient in swimming but also lay a world-class foundation if they wish to pursue completitive swimming as a sport. 

Coach Warner’s daughter Annie learned to swim at the Berkeley Swim School and is now joined him as an instructor and supervisor at LDSA.