Staff & Swim Instructors - Senior Instructors

Chuck Warner

Coach Chuck Warner - Director of Little Dolphins Swim Academy

After spending thirteen years as head coach of the varsity program at Rutgers University, three-time USA National Team coach Chuck Warner created the Little Dolphins Swim Academy. Coach Warner brings a perspective that comes from a lifetime of teaching swimming to people of all ages, as well as developing world class swimmers and winning team championships. Coach Warner is the former President of the American Swimming Coaches Association (the largest swim coaching organization in the world with more than 11,000 members). He has served on the Executive Committee Member of the Board of Directors for the International Swimming Hall of Fame. He has authored three highly acclaimed books on swimming: Four Champions, One Gold Medal. ...And Then The Won Gold: Stepping Stones to Swimming Excellence and EDDIE REESE: Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life.

Coach Warner leads the program, hires and trains staff, supervises and occasionally gets to teach!

Coach Lisa Rivera -Director of Internal Systems & Master Coach

Coach Lisa Rivera has 15+ years of experience in swim classes for kids and adults. She is a mother of two young boys, is a certified physical education teacher and swim coach. Lisa is also a Masters swimmer who has competed in numerous long-ocean swims as well as the Tough Mudder. Lisa teaches, supervises and trains instructors at LDSA.

Coach Allison Serries - Outreach & Facility Coordinator

Allison is employed ful-time at LDSA, is the former Aquatics Coordinator at the Raritan Bay Y and has been active coaching in the ARETE Swim Camps & Clinics. Allison leads outreach programs to Home Schools, Day Cares and other groups, as well as helps manage the facility. 

Coach Beth Scheiber - Facility & Administrative Assistant

Beth works full-time at LDSA and is an experienced instructor at all levels from Baby & Me to Super-Dolphins. He serves as both an instructor, supervisor and facility assistant. 

Coach Lateef Portee - Assitant Facility Manager & Senior Instructor

Lateef is employed full-time at LDSA and brings more than 20 years of teaching experience, both in swimming and the martical arts, to our program. 

Coach Ellen Weirich

Ellen brings with her years of experience as Aquatics Coordinator at Rutgers University and much experience with special needs students. 

Coach Anne Warner

Annie has been an instructor at LDSA for four years and is a sophomore at the University of Florida that is planning a career in International Relations. 

Another twenty part-time emlpoyees teach, host the front desk and lifeguard at LDSA