Progress Reports & Homework Suggestions

Progress Code On Attendance Sheets: At LDSA our staff are constantly assessing each student and their movement toward the mastering of 10 skills for their level. 

Earn A Ribbon: Once a student has mastered 5 skills, they have earned a ribbon for their level. Once they have acheived all ten skills, they will recieve a ribbon and move on to the next level. Our web company is working on our request to make the tracking visible to parents in the parent portal. In the meantime we will let you know when your child has earned a ribbon, and especially a gold pin. A parent can also submit a "Parent Teacher Form" requesting an up date. 

Homework: At the Beginning Levels of our Academy (Baby & Me, Toddler & Me, Goldfish, Get Wet, Beginner I and Beginner II) the first step for the child to achieve is "AIR CONTROL." A great homework skill to develop is "Air Control" that might be thought of as a "balloon face." The mouth is sealed close, and run water over their head in a shower or pour over in a cup. Eventually, they can learn to release the air inside the balloon and generate bubbles. But these comes after regular practice of submerging their ballon face. 

Excellent Progress? Every child progresses at their own unique pace.  There are about 10 skills to achieve at each level. The average student may progress at mastering one skill every five classes. One skill achivement every three-four classes is a great pace of progression.  

A Parents Best Practice: Allow your child to enjoy their experience of independence in their swim class. Questions of supervisors are welcome, and there are also 'Parent-Teacher Forms' available on our website (under forms) if you note something vital that hasn't been addressed. But any child will achieve most quickly when they have "internal motivatition" rather than "external motivation" to do so. Mom or Dad's pushing will only be temporary. Let your child know that you are excited about their progress and they will tend to put more effort in to see your smile. 

Achievement Ribbons

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