Make-Up/Drop-In Swim Classes


When you register for a class you are paying for that slot, in a small class, not your attendance.  The consistency of attending your scheduled class is one of the keys to making our program a success for your child. However, every family has conflicts and every child will miss occasionally because of illness. We want to balance helping your child attend class as consistently as possible, with keeping our classes small, our monthly tuition low and respect the enormous amount of staff time necessary to schedule makeups.   

We place a high priority on maintaing our small class size. Each student will be permitted to “drop in” for an additional class or take one “make-up” class each month for a fee of $10. If your child is ill and you bring email a doctor’s note with the Makeup Request, we will waive the $10 fee with a doctor's note. If you bring it to the class we will credit your account $10.

 Our procedures for Droping In or Making Up a class are as follows: 

  • Only one per month per student (total, not of each).
  • Complete form on-line within seven days of the requested time slot.
  • Look for a class with openings (preferably two or more). 
  • The $10 fee will be billed to your account when we confirm your reservation. (If you submit a coupon at the time of the class we will credit back the fee to your account).
  • We will not Make-Up a Make-Up or a Drop In reservation.
  • Make-ups cannot be transferred to other students.
  • Make-Up and Drop-Ins are not accumulated into a future month.
  • A credit will not be issued for missed classes, unless we cancel a class due to an emergency (generally, a weather or pool problem).

 Request a Make-Up or Drop-In class by going to the FORMS section and completing the Form.