COVID-19 Protection Procedures


COVID-19 Protection Procedures Video


Safer Little Dolphins

  • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: We require all people over the age of 24 months to wear face masks in our facility. For safety reasons, students will not wear face masks while in the pool area. We ask while in the building and parking areas to practice social distancing.
  • SWIM-READY RULE: Please wait to enter our facility no earlier than 5 minutes before your lesson. Swimmers must come dressed for class because changing rooms will not be available before swimming. Make sure to bring swim goggles and a swim cap for those with longer hair; however, you can still purchase items at the front desk.
  • HAND SANITIZE AND WASH HANDS: Please sanitize hands upon entry. Wash hands and use paper towels when it’s necessary to touch any handle.
  • EFFICIENT EXIT: Showers will be temporarily closed to abide by the recommendations of local and state authorities. We ask families to exit our facility as quickly as possible after lessons.
  • TOUCHLESS CHECK-IN: Please use the stylus from the white basket at the front desk to check-in. Once you finished checking-in, please put the stylus into the blue basket so we can disinfect them.


Safer Staff

  • PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT: Staff will wear masks or clear face shields for instructors. Instructors can lower face coverings when 6 feet or more away from students to provide a demonstration such as blowing bubbles.
  • SWIM-READY RULE: Staff will also be required to enter our facility ready for work. Procedures will be implemented to ensure the proper physical distance between staff members throughout their shifts.


Safer Instruction

  • ADJUSTED TRAFFIC FLOW: Parents or guardians will drop children off at the observation area door once they are called for lessons. After lessons, parents or guardians will be permitted onto the pool deck to pick up their children and exit the pool deck through the locker rooms. Then exit the building through our multipurpose room and the door to the sidewalk on Vosseller Ave. A staff member will help guide the flow. Just remember to follow the “Yellow Brick Road!!!”

Safer Facility

  • SCALZO COMPANY: We have added a full cleaning and disinfecting of our facility and A micro antibacterial coating applied to all our touch surfaces, including carpets and teaching tools, which is excepted effectiveness for 90 days.
  • ENHANCED DISINFECTING: We have increased our cleaning regimen and pool sanitization schedule. Spray disinfectant bottles have been added to changing areas at heights accessible to adults. LDSA staff will be disinfecting touch areas throughout the day. Every evening when classes end, we will be cleaning all contact areas throughout our facility using disinfect spray and wiping.
  • NO TOUCH FRONT DOOR: We have added a non-touch automated front door. Just wave your hand in front of the black box to the left of the door. We also have installed a push bar exit door.
  • SANITIZING STATIONS: LDSA has four hand sanitizing station locations within our building.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: A limited number of sanitized chairs will be available in our viewing area with markers to accommodate social distancing guidelines.
  • LOST AND FOUND: Please try your best to keep track of all your belongings, as the state has suggested that we eliminate our Lost and Found bins.
  • EFFICIENT AIR CIRCULATION: LDSA has increased to a maximum fresh air through our pool room HVAC unit and utilizes the highest restrictive filtration for air recirculated. This means turning all the air in the pool room over with new, fresh air, about every 8 minutes, or 7.5 times per hour.
  • OPEN WINDOWS: During the summer months, we may have the window open in the pool area as weather permits.

For more information, please email us at or call (732) 560-8000.