COVID-19 Protection Procedures


LDSA Covid 19 Approach as of April 1, 2022

Since the Covid 19 began to have a substantial impact on New Jersey in March of 2020, the Little Dolphins Swim Academy has followed the guidance of the CDC, the New Jersey government and watched NJ school policies.

We have taken a cautious approach to our policies and procedures within our facility. The result seems to have been an exceptionally safe environment with the advantage of students learning to swim in a “chlorine bleach bath” noted by the CDC as an environment (chlorinated water) within which C19 can’t live.

With the declining C19 cases in New Jersey, the decrease in serious illness from C19, and Governor Murphy’s order for the option to relax the mask mandate in schools as of March 7, we are going to do the same on April 1. We will also likely open our showers and relax our adjusted traffic patterns.

We encourage anyone who chooses to wear a mask at LDSA still. As you know, research seems to show the N95s provide the best protection.

As we enter the spring and summer months, warm weather should be on our side. But we always reserve the right to mandate masks for our staff and visitors and take other steps should circumstances suggest it is prudent.



Safer Facility

  • SCALZO COMPANY: We have added a full cleaning and disinfecting of our facility and A micro antibacterial coating applied to all our touch surfaces, including carpets and teaching tools, which is excepted effectiveness for 90 days.
  • NO TOUCH FRONT DOOR: We have added a non-touch automated front door. Just wave your hand in front of the black box to the left of the door. We also have installed a push bar exit door.
  • SANITIZING STATIONS: LDSA has four hand sanitizing station locations within our building.
  • EFFICIENT AIR CIRCULATION: LDSA has increased to a maximum fresh air through our pool room HVAC unit and utilizes the highest restrictive filtration for air recirculated. This means turning all the air in the pool room over with new, fresh air, about every 8 minutes, or 7.5 times per hour.
  • OPEN WINDOWS: During the summer months, we may have the window open in the pool area as weather permits.

For more information, please email us at or call (732) 560-8000.